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    In the wake of the October Crisis of 1962, the Soviet Union has come up with a sinister plan to inflict severe damage on vital parts of civil infrastructure and crucial military sites in the United States. Twenty long years later, the rogue KGB spy, Nikolai Dalchimsky, manages to activate via telephonic code brainwashed, deep-cover […] More

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    The Redemption: Kickboxer 5

    Kickbox champion Matt Reeves witnesses the murder of his friend Johnny. When he investigates on the circumstances it appears that a Mr. Neegal in South Africa has founded a new kickbox association and does not leave international champions much of a chance. Johnny had to pay with his life when he did not want to […] More

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    A Latina immigrant mother (Marta Milans) works as a cleaning lady at an old New York City restaurant in order to make enough money to pay for her sick son’s operation. With no friends or family in NYC, she lives a lonely, desperate existence, saving every penny and sending it home for her son. As […] More

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    Civil Brand

    Women prisoners strike up a friendship with a young law student who works as a part-time prison guard. Together they discover that a corporation funds and is profitting from the plantation-like work environment they are forced to work under. In a botched attempt to organize a protest against their Download More

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    A reformed, hot-tempered bounty hunter, finds his new harmonious life as a Fugitive Recovery Agent threatened. He must track down a group of cyber hackers before they are assassinated by a rival bounty hunter while also trying to prevent a massive viral attack, which could collapse America’s economic foundation.—Bennie Swint Download More

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    Freud’s Last Session

    Set on the eve of WWII and towards the end of his life, Freud’s Last Session sees Freud (Hopkins) invite iconic author C.S. Lewis for a debate over the existence of God. Exploring Freud’s unique relationship with his lesbian daughter Anna and Lewis’ unconventional romance with his best friend’s mother, the film interweaves past, present […] More

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    The Last Time I Saw Paris

    Paris, France.After the success of his first book, famous American writer Charles Wills (Van Johnson) returns to Paris, and visits a local cafe named Café Dhingo where he chats with the bartender about his life. Charles flashes back to his past….August 1944.Shortly after the liberation of Paris from the Nazis, Charles, a sergeant in the […] More

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