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Glass House: The Good Mother

Eve Goode (Angie Harmon), who lives in an isolated Spanish-style house not far from Los Angeles, cleans her oven. When her husband Raymond (Joel Gretsch) informs her that their young son, David, is missing from his room, she washes her hands and neatly folds the towel before joining the search. Eve and Raymond are shown running, with Raymond yelling for David, and ending with Eve crying, screaming for David.A year after the loss of David, Eve and Raymond become the foster parents of a recently orphaned boy named Ethan Snow (Bobby Coleman) and his teenage sister Abby (Jordan Hinson).Abby and Ethan would rather live with Ben Koch (Jason London), a cop who has known them all their lives via his friendship with their parents, and cares deeply about them. He’d love to take them in, if he felt that he was qualified or capable of raising them, but he lives in a one bedroom apartment.Abby and Ethan are soon swept away by the wonderfulness of their new foster parents, and the incredible house that is their new home.Ethan gets his own room with a bathroom close to the master bedroom, but Abby gets the bedroom that’s the farthest from Ethan’s room, in a part of the house called the tower. A flight of metal stairs outside the tower leads up to the door.The too-good-to-be-true fa├žade begins to crumble as Eve, who seemed kind and compassionate at first, gradually reveals herself to be a domineering, obsessive woman who controls Abby and Ethan’s every move, and allows them no freedom whatsoever.There is even a code number that must be dialed before they can make any phone calls, and Abby and Ethan are not told what the code is. Eve even has double locks put on all doors that lead outside.Raymond tells Abby that David had drowned in the lake that the house overlooks. Abby becomes suspicious, especially when she finds an old bed in the basement, and David’s name carved on a support post right by it.Ben visits, and Abby begs him to get her and Ethan out of there, but Ben tells her to give it a little more time, saying that he’ll take Abby and Ethan to Six Flags in a couple of weeks. When a case worker (Tasha Smith) visits to check up on everything, David’s bed is no longer in the basement.What Abby discovers is that Eve is highly unstable. While doting on Ethan, Eve competes with Abby for his love, and develops a spiteful and increasingly violent relationship with Abby as Abby grows more and more rebellious because of her suspicions of Eve and Raymond.The violence starts with Eve slapping Abby for using a four letter word against her. Eve even causes Abby to cut her arm deeply by deliberately leaving already-broken glasses in a sink full of dishes that she tells Abby to wash.The dishes were covered by a thick layer of soap bubbles, so Abby didn’t see the broken glasses. Eve, who used to be a nurse, stitches the wound, deliberately making the process as painful as possible. And she injects Abby with something. Abby later wakes up, feeling not-so-good, and Eve tells Abby that she was in bed for three days.When Ethan comes down with a mysterious illness that Eve insists on treating at home, Abby is suspicious that Eve is spiking Ethan’s food with something in order to make him sick.Ethan grows sicker by the day, and both of their lives are in grave danger as Eve grows more and more unstable. Abby insists that Eve take Ethan to the hospital, but Eve refuses.Abby searches the Internet for information, and learns about Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Abby is horrified to realize that Eve’s behavior perfectly fits every symptom that’s listed on the website — including the one that says that those who have Munchausen syndrome by proxy are skilled deceivers. The site even says

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