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Text Expander (Typing Hero) v5.44-16c6a003 Premium Mod Apk [APKSOUP]

Typing Hero helps businesses and professionals worldwide save 472K+ hours (5.4B+ keystrokes) with its Text Expander feature.

Text Expander

Do you type the same message all over again?

Or switch between apps to find and copy the right template?

Or fix typos again and again when writing your message?

Get rid of those problems by using Text Expander.

It lets you create short keyword to write words, phrases, templates, emoji, or anything!

You can save hours in the long run by creating a short keyword to write that lengthy weekly report email.

Or save 30-60 seconds writing pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis by creating a short keyword.
Insert current date and time

Insert past or future date
Insert various date ranges
Place cursor after using a template
Insert text from the system clipboard
Reference other templates within a template
Request user input using Form to fill the template
Insert contact’s information from Contacts book

Write anything without mistakes in seconds!
You can use it to:
Select, delete, or transform text

Place cursor
Interact with other apps through Android system

Access system clipboard
Calculate simple mathematical expressions

Get things done in seconds!

Clipboard History

Do you use an app to create a history of text copied to system clipboard?
And switch between apps to copy and paste one of those text?
Text Expander
Snippet Suggestion
Snippet Copier
Cursor Position
Multiple Templates Snippet
Export to CSV
Import from CSV
Import from Texpand
Date & Time
Paste from Clipboard
Copy to Clipboard
Snippet Reference
Contact Integration
Clipboard History
Clipboard Manager


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