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BBC R4 Production – Jack Gerson’s ‘Death’s Head Berlin’

BBC R4 – Jack Gerson’s ‘Death’s Head Berlin’
Directed by Peter King
Broadcast June 6, 1987
Coded from tape at 128/44.1

Thriller set in 1934 Berlin. Loman, the downbeat hero
and non-Nazi police officer, is charged by Adolf with
finding out who is strangling members of the party.

Bob Peck
Paul Gregory
Trevor Nicols
Elizabeth Bell
Suzie Brown
Julie Berry
Anthony Jackson
Steven Thorne
Jonathon Taffler
Steven Harald
Jennifer Piercie
Michael Tudor-Barnes
Mannie Wilson
John Samson
Steve Hudson
Alan Dudley
Steven Hattersley
Margaret Ward
Alex Marshall
Tim Reynalds
David Goodland
Sheilah Grant

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