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BBC R4 Production – F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender Is The Night’

BBC R4 – F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender Is The Night’
Adapted by Robin Brooks
Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane
Broadcast 19 and 26 July, 2015
Coded from a digital source at 128/44.1

French Riviera. A stylish couple with a dark
secret hold a young actress in their thrall.

Narrator – Sam Dale
Baby – Anita Vettesse
Dick Diver – Simon Harrison
Nicole Diver – Melody Grove
Rosemary – Kelly Burke
Tommy – Finn den Hertog
Abe North – Mark McDonnel
McKisco – Laurie Brown
Violet Anita Vettesse
Mother – Anne Lacey
Franz/Warren – Nick Underwood
Collis/Buddy – Alasdair Hankinson
Swanson – Laurie Brown
Kathe/Caroline – Anne Lacey

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