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Cartel Land (2015) (EN subs &amp

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Cartel Land (2015) (EN subs & commentary) 720p.10bit.BluRay.x265-budgetbits

This release is the same as our original but with director commentary added.

Spoken languages
Spanish, English

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Filmmaker Matthew Heineman examines the state of the ongoing drug problem along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Fearless exposé of the terrifying Mexican drug war and the cartels that operate in and around the Mexico/US border. With astonishing access, it follows two vigilante leaders fighting the power of Mexico’s drug gangs on both sides of the border.

Tim ‘Nailer’ Foley heads the Arizona Border Recon, whilst in Mexico Dr José Mireles, a Michoacán-based doctor, runs the Autodefensas. From the setting up of the civilian group, the documentary follows the early success of the Autodefensas under the charismatic doctor. The rebel militia rousts the enemy, capturing Knights Templar gang henchmen even as the authorities attempt to impede its progress. But as the vigilantes’ influence increases, so do questions about its conduct and motives. Are these new sheriffs any more reliable than those they have come to usurp?

With twists and turns that defy expectation, Cartel Land is a gripping, at times harrowing exploration of the drugs trade.

Encoding info
Encoded from BluRay remux (Cartel Land 2015 Repack 1080p Blu-ray Remux AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1 – KRaLiMaRKo.mkv), with HandBrake 1.3.1: HEVC x265 10 bit, tweaked slower preset, CRF 27, nlmeans light, 720p, aq-mode 1, sao/strong-intra-smoothing/rect disabled.

30.083 seconds intro logos cut

Commentary from Cartel.Land.2015.With.Commentary.DVDRip.x264-GB87.mkv, synced with Blu-ray video source by budgetbits

Subtitles for only Spanish dialogue from upload by Smigge to
Subtitles for Spanish and English dialogue from source torrent Cartel Land 2015 Repack 1080p Blu-ray Remux AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1 – with a few corrections by budgetbits




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Filename = Cartel Land (2015) (EN subs & commentary) 720p.10bit.BluRay.x265-budgetbits.mkv
Title = Cartel Land (2015)
Duration = 1 h 39 min
Size = 587 MiB
Overall bit rate = 822 kb/s

Video #0
Format = HEVC x265 – 3.4:[Linux][GCC 9.3.0][64 bit] 10bit
Resolution = 1280×548
Aspect ratio = 2.35:1 (2.345)
Bit rate = 709 kb/s
Frame rate = 24.000 FPS

Audio #0
Title = Stereo
Format = Opus
Channels = 2 channels
Bit rate = 71.0 kb/s
Sampling rate = 48.0 kHz
Language = Spanish

Audio #1
Title = Commentary by Matthew Heineman
Format = Opus
Channels = 2 channels
Bit rate = 38.6 kb/s
Sampling rate = 48.0 kHz
Language = English

Subtitles = UTF-8 English Spanish dialogue

Subtitles = UTF-8 English Spanish & English dialogue

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